OXY-CLEANSE Oxygen Colon Conditioner

OXY-CLEANSE Oxygen Colon Conditioner Earths Bounty OXY CLEANSE, oxygen colon conditioner, represents a revolution in colon care with a unique oxygen based process. Its multifaceted approach increases bowel activity and removes old impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and rejuvenates the entire colon-without psyllium or herbs.

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Ingredients: Magnesium Peroxide, Vitamin C, Bioflavonoid Complex. Per capsule: 25mg Sodium, 75mg Vitamin C, 173mg Magnesium, 25mg Bioflavonoid Complex.

"I have been using Oxy-cleanse every day for about 6 months . . . I suffer from chronic constipation, and this is the only product that helps me. It has saved me from having surgery. I cannot use the products that contain psyllium."

Leticia C., Sunrise FL (2/9/01)

"I have tried many laxatives and vegetable laxatives that didn't give good results. Then I got a bottle of OXY-CLEANSE, and my agony is over. I recommend it-it is the best."

Greta S., Cheboygan, MI

"For several years, I have relied on another powdered product. But since using OXY-CLEANSE . . . I find it far superior. I am now able to experience normal (elimination) with much ease and restored muscle tone."
Frank Y., Bellevue, WA

"Presently taking Earth's Bounty OXY-CLEANSE and I am pleased with the results . . . I suffer with digestive problems, and your product does not bloat and promote gas like the fiber agents."
Marian F., Revere, MA

"I recently purchased a bottle of OXY-CLEANSE and am amazed at the assistance it has been to me."
Kathleen H., R.N., Amityville, NY


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