Sibergin Siberian Eleuthero

SIBERGIN®, the world’s leading high potency Siberian Eleuthero, is a classic adaptogen, helping the body achieve a natural balance between vitality and tranquility, boosting energy and relieving stress. Men and women of all ages appreciate SIBERGIN® for increased endurance, improved concentration, and enhanced well being.

Sibergin SIBERGIN® contains pure extract of Siberian Eleuthro the most researched herb in the world. Unlike its botanical “cousins” Korean Ginseng (overall stimulating) and American Ginseng (overall sedating), SIBERGIN® is the ideal and all-purpose herbal adaptogen. SIBERGIN®’s active components called eleuthrosides produce a harmonious and natural balance between energy and tranquility for both men and women of all ages. Used and prescribed by medical doctors, holistic practitioners and athletic trainers in Europe and America, SIBERGIN® is and effective adjunct to any health-enhancing or athletic training program.

Benefits of SIBERGIN® based on 50 years of scientific research of Eleutherococcus Senticosus

1 package containing (30) 500 mg capsules standarized extract derived from 2500 mg

30 capsules
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