Saw Palmetto

Jarrow Formulas Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is the common name for the palm species Serenoa repens. This saw palmetto berry extract is standardized to contain 85-95% of the active fatty acids and sterols (such as beta-sitosterol, lupeol, campesterol, cycloartenol, farnesol and phytol), which support prostate health.

Jarrow Formulas® Saw Palmetto is a CO2 extract which yields higher, biologically active free fatty acids than ethanolic extracts.

Encapsulated in a base of Pumpkin Seed Oil and enriched with phytosterols.

Directions: Take 2 softgels per day, or as directed by your qualified health consultant.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Serving Size 2 Softgels
Amount % DV

Saw Palmetto Extract
(85 - 95% Fatty Acids and Sterols)

320 mg *


(Providing minimum 40 mg of beta-sitosterol)

100 mg *

Pumpkin Seed Oil 320 mg *

Gamma Tocopherol

4 mg

* Daily Value not established.

Softgel consists of gelatin, glyerin and water.

This product complies with European and proposed USP Monographs for Saw Palmetto.

320 mg. (160 mg. of Saw Palmetto standardized to contain 58-95% free fatty acids and sterols with 100 mg of phytosterols and 320 mg pumpkin seed oil. Complies w/European Pharmaceutical Monographs and proposed USP monographs for Saw Palmetto. 120 gelcaps
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