Lice Free

A non-toxic formula

Licefreee!®Non-toxic Lice Treatment is the number-one selling non-toxic pediculicide in America, according to recent sales reports.

The full treatment

Licefreee!s homeopathic formula provides the complete solution to lice infestation. Single and double dose treatment kits (with nit removal comb and application cap) kill lice and their eggs. The thick, clear gel goes on dry hair easily. Licefreee! Non-toxic Lice Treatment includes easy to understand directions in both English and Spanish.

Fight Head Lice with the Effective, Non-Toxic Solution: Licefreee! Lice Killing Hair Gel.

Licefreee! is the best-selling non-toxic head lice treatment in the country.* It kills head lice effectively and is free of potentially harmful pesticides. The pleasant smelling, creamy gel is safe for multiple applications, and is free of permethrin, pyrethrum and lindane. Licefreee! uses the naturally occurring mineral, Natrum muriaticum (Sodium Chloride, USP), as the active ingredient to kill head lice and their eggs.

Licefreee! is available in two sizes; a single dose 4-ounce kit and a double dose 8-ounce kit. Each kit contains either one or two applications of the hair gel, one or two application caps and a professional stainless steel nit comb. Licefreee! can be purchased at most chain drug stores and is highly recommended by pharmacists, pediatricians and school nurses around the country for treating head lice.

Instructions for use

Licefreee! should be shaken well for before use and applied to dry hair. The gel should fully saturate the hair and should be applied starting at the nape of the neck and behind the ears and then working forward, as head lice tend to congregate at the neck and the ears first. The gel should be left on the scalp for at least 60 minutes, the application cap helps ensure the product stays moist and warm. For best results, leave product in the hair while performing a thorough comb-out (removing all dead lice and eggs) with the included nit comb. Next, rinse product out of the hair with warm running water. A second comb-out after rinsing is beneficial to ensure the removal of all lice and eggs. A second treatment is recommended in 7 to 10 days to kill any newly hatched eggs.

Safe to use

LiceFreee! Homeopathic Pediculicide Hair Gel's active ingredient is sodium chloride, USP (Latin: Natrum muriaticum). A key to LiceFreee! Hair Gel's effectiveness is the proprietary formulation: a thick, viscous white gel that immobilizes lice and holds them in contact with the active ingredient so it can go to work. Dead lice and nits are then easily removed with the professional stainless steel nit comb included in the LiceFreee! Hair Gel kit. LiceFreee! Hair Gel's homeopathic formula can be safely applied repeatedly, in case of re-infestation. A second treatment in 7-10 days is recommended for any newly hatched lice.

Tecnu Licefreee!        Quantity $17.99/ea.

Tecnu Licefreee! Bulk        Quantity $407.76/ea.

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