Maca Magic

"MACA MAGIC IS organically grown pure Lepidium peruvianum, a rare, bio-active food crop developed by the Incas of Peru over 3,000 years ago for energy and endurance, sexual ability and pleasure, mental clarity and more.
In Peru, we are dedicated to producing bio-active, 100% organic, vitamin-rich maca root. We will never encourage our growers to utilize toxic chemical just to increase production. Our maca is organically grown on our own plantation at the genetic origin of true lepidium peruvianum, Peru's Magic Valley, located on the Junin plateau at 14,000 feet elevation, high in the Andes mountains."

Express Extract The power of Maca Magic in a concentrated liquid form.
Alcohol Free The power of Maca Magic in a concentrated alcohol free liquid form.
HRT Contains natural Maca root alkaloids which are thought to balance the endocrine system.
Adrenalift Helps support increases in alertness, improve attitude and enhance endurance by supporting adrenal function.
Maca Velvet Helps stimulates an increase in testosterone levels in men or women.
Magic Woman Woman's libido formula with Clavo Huasca, Damiana, Maca, and more..
Maca Magic Capsules Perfect for traveling.
Maca Magic Maca Roasty Chai A warming all natural maca buzz with no caffeine.
Maca Magic Maca Snowlands Chai This comforting and invigorating classic chai is bursting with exotic, all natural herbs and spices.
Maca Magic Maca Picchu Smoothie This is the perfect all natural instant smoothie with ingredients that are unrefined and left bursting with flavor and ripe with energy!
Maca Magic Cocoa Maca Loco Tastes like the ultimate natural chocolate smoothie.
Maca Magic Green Maca Supreme A perfect blend of flavors bursting with phytonutrients.
Macafe This is the Maca Magic alternative to coffee.
Maca Magic Lucuma Magic A golden fruit with a taste of dried ice-cream.
Maca Magic Powder Considered by top researchers to be a true ADAPTOGEN- and aggressively touted as the "superfood of the Andes".

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