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Fertilizer - Hers
Fertilizer-Hers is a proprietary blend of quality herbs and natural high potency extracts shown to improve fertility in women. This popular formula is helpful for women having difficulty conceiving a child, as well as women with menstrual difficulties. It is also beneficial for preventing early menopause.

Fertility & Nutritional Therapy
Statistics show that one out of every six couples in the U.S. has difficulty conceiving a child. For couples in their late thirties, that number decreases to one in every three. Couples are often discouraged to find that their doctors are unable to identify a cause and those considering fertility drugs must weigh certain risks such as multiple births. With more people planning family’s in their later years and many people remarrying in later years (and wanting additional children with their new spouses) the demand for answers to fertility problems has greatly increased.
When researchers began looking into the benefit of nutritional supplementation to optimize fertility they found that in many cases the causes were treatable. For women the most common causes of infertility include ovulatory failure or defect, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids. All of these conditions have been shown to improve or even reverse themselves with nutritional therapy. Indeed, recent studies have indicated that the therapeutic ingredients found in Fertilizer Hers improved reproductive health and significantly increased pregnancy rates in women.

Benefits of the Nutritional Approach
The nutritional approach is gradual and gentle without the incidence of multiple births and other possible side effects associated with drug therapy. Drugs alter biological pathways in a very powerful or unnatural manner. Fertilizer-Hers utilizes the power of natural medicinal herbs and vitamins and minerals that work by supporting the body to function as it was naturally designed.
Women love this product not only for the increased chance of conceiving a child, but for the benefits they receive along the way. Women report experiencing more energy, improved moods, and find that a myriad of minor health complaints (such as tension headaches, sore breasts, menstrual problems, minor aches and pains, allergy’s etc.) either improve or diminish completely.

Additional Benefits - Especially for Women over 30
There are several good reasons Fertilizer Hers should be considered by any woman, whether they are planning to conceive or not, (and whether they are suspect of fertility difficulties or not)! For women over 30 who do want to conceive, it may help prevent unwanted multiple births, which is not uncommon for women in this age group, even without drug therapy. But in any case it is well worth mentioning, that many women use Fertilizer Hers to simply benefit from its anti-aging, energizing, and sexual enhancing properties.

60 tabs capsules bottle
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Maximum International Fertilizer Hers        Quantity

Proprietary Herbal Blend:

•     St. John’s Wort
•     Yohimbe
•     Horny Goat Weed
•     Korean Ginseng
•     Saw Palmetto
•     Gingko
•     Guar Gum
•     Aloe Vera
•      Echinacea
•      Goldenseal
•      Mistletoe (European)

Special Extracts:

•      Arginine
•      C0Q1O

Vitamin/Mineral Blend:

•       Vitamin E
•       Niacin
•       Folic Acid
•       Vitamin B6
•       Vitamin B 12
•       Iron
•       Zinc
•        Selenium

60 tabs capsules bottle
Purchase in quantities and save!

Buy 2 - Save $8.00
Buy 4 - Save $15.99

Maximum International Fertilizer Hers        Quantity

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