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Gozombas is an all-natural nutritional formula which firms up the breast tissue and increases bust size with no exercise, no expensive transplants, and no chemicals. This proprietary blend of herbs and high potency extracts has proven to show beautiful results in just weeks. New moms and older women too will find Gozombas supplies many of the nutritional components their body’s need to restore and maintain breasts that have lost some of their youthful vigor. This state of the art formula surpasses many on the market due to the advantage of more recent research, spurred by the demand for safer and more natural approaches to breast augmentation.

Puberty and Breast Development
Research has revealed that a vast number of women, while going through puberty, do not develop breast size to their full potential. Various factors may come into play including included diet, a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals, stress, and hormonal imbalances. Estrogen, the sex hormone chiefly involved in the development of female characteristics, is produced at different levels at different times in the body. If, during puberty, a low level of estrogen is present, females will likely develop smaller breasts. Also, the duration of the pubescent period plays a large factor. The bottom line is that the longer this puberty period is, and the higher the estrogen levels are, the more likelihood a woman will develop larger, fuller and firmer breasts.
There are many reasons why a low level of estrogen may be present, which shouldn’t be taken as an abnormality. In one way or another we are all genetically, environmentally and nutritionally challenged. The stress of every day living for instance, especially during adolescence may disturb hormone balances. Even if we were provided a good diet, for one reason or another, we may have nutritional deficiencies which delay hormone production and growth processes. The pasteurization of dairy products for instance, which destroys certain nutrients, as well as other modern food processing methods, may compromise developmental processes.

How It Works
The nutrients and herbs found in Gozombas work to “awaken” these biological mechanisms in the body that may have been dormant since puberty. Phytoestrogens (plant-based estrogen-like compounds) for instance, encourage the natural process of mammogensis, or the development of the mammary gland.

Gozombas also works by encouraging the stimulation of hormones, such as prolactin, which helps to prepare the breast for pregnancy and milk production. Gozombas stimulates these hormones which similarly swell the breast tissue despite the absence of pregnancy.

What To Expect
Within the first month, most women excitedly report seeing a firmer and more shapely bust, and although every women is different, by the third month onward, it is typical to see incremental gains in size each month. By the Ninth month or about 35 weeks, a dramatic size increase, (up to 2 cup sizes) is not uncommon. Gozombas is best taken on a regular basis to ensure continued size increase and to maintain it.

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Additional Benefits
Many woman who use this formula enthusiastically report that symptoms normally associated with PMS or menopause diminish or disappear. For those women who are using or have used birth control pills in the past, (which can wreak havoc on the female hormone system), Gozombas helps to restore female hormone balance and cleanse the tissues of the toxic chemical residues that tend to linger in the body.


Vitamins and Minerals
Folic Acid, Biotin, Zinc, Selenium: These vitamins and minerals are especially important in the formation of sex hormones and breast health.

16 high quality herbs have been expertly blended all with a long history of safety and use for enhancing the female form, firming the breast and substantially increasing breast size in the majority of cases.

•  Chaste Berry (Vitex): Well-known as a hormonal regulator for women; it has a direct action on the pituitary gland where many important sex hormones are produced and regulated which effect breast development during pregnancy; improves the production of progesterone, increases luteinizing hormones and prolactin, and inhibits the release of FSH, (follicle stimulating hormone.)
• Damiana: Recommended by many top herbalists as a sexual enhancer, it is used primarily as an energy tonic and an aphrodisiac for both men and women; widely known for its antioxidant powers, it helps to support skin structure in the breast and prevent the breakdown of collagen tissue.
• Oat Straw (Avena Sativa): Rich in saponins, flavonoids, minerals, plant steroids and alkaloids necessary for a healthy hormonal system; known for its rich mineral content; reduces blood cholesterol levels and is a source of fiber that enhances breast size.
• Saw Palmetto: Although a popular and effective treatment for prostate enlargement in men, it has it’s origins in natural medicine as a herbal breast enlarger and is still recommended today by naturopathic physicians for increasing breast. It contains variety of phytosterols and studies have shown it to successfully reverse atrophy of the mammary gland.
• Dong Quai: Known as the female ginseng, it has an affinity for the female body; valuable for treating women’s problems including lack of sexual desire, symptoms of menopause, cramps and PMS; a fertility herb which may account for its popular use for breast enhancement.
• Dandelion: An excellent blood cleanser, it helps clear toxins from the tissues, including the breast, to optimize circulation, growth and health.
Wild Yam: Widely used for breast enhancement, as a sexual stimulant, and for women’s reproductive health; contains hormonal substances very similar to progesterone and diosgenin, which has an estrogenic and enlargement effect on mammary tissue.
Black Cohosh: Has shown to have some estrogen activity in the body and is a popular herb for restoring healthy menses in women; widely used as a breast enhancement herb and as a herbal hormone replacement therapy.
Fennel: Used for centuries to enhance breast size and to promote milk production in new mothers; exerts a mild estrogenic effect and is used to stimulate and repair the growth of new breast tissue.
Watercress: Increases nutrition to the mammary glands to increase their tone; gram for gram, it contains as much Vitamin C as oranges, more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach. It contains antioxidants, a high level of betacarotene and it’s a good source of folic acid.
Fenngreek: Rich in phyto-estrogens, it aids in hormonal production and has long been reputed as a herbal breast enlarger; contains diosgenin which is used to make synthetic estrogen. In India, it was prescribed to nursing mothers to increase their milk; in American folk medicine, it was considered a potent menstruation promoter, and an aphrodiasiac and rejuvenator.
Hops: Long believed to enhance milk production; an old remedy used for mothers of twins who need extra milk.
Blessed Thistle: Used by nursing mothers to improve the flow of milk and for female type problems including painftil menstruation and associated headache; also an excellent blood purifier; tones and enhances breast tissues.
Motherwort: An excellent female herb helpful for regulating blood flow during menstruation; reduces menstrual cramping, relieves uncomfortable conditions associated with pregnancy; thought to be excellent for overall female health.
Violet: Shown to be effective for softening hard tumors, lumps, and cancerous growths, and is included in the formula to promote breast health.
• Cumin: Aromatic properties are believed to increases milk production in women.

60 tab bottle
Purchase in quantities and save!

Buy 2 - Save $5.88
Buy 4 - Save $23.51

Maximum International Gozombas        Quantity

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