Formula 50

Formula 50


Tap into the formula that has been helping women become more beautiful for more than 50 years.

The introduction of Formula 50 in 1948 pioneered the concept of beauty as a reflection of good nutrition. This revolutionary, clinically tested formula has been changing the way women look at beauty for over fi fty years. As the fi rst effective nutritional product for brittle, splitting and peeling nails, Formula 50 has provided long lasting results for our customers. Recommended by doctors and pharmacists and listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference, Formula 50 has set the stage for the next generation of beauty nutrients.

Formula 50 provides the building blocks for healthier, more resilient hair and nails. This scientifi cally researched blend of natural amino acids nourishes and replenishes the nutrients most commonly lacking in a woman’s diet. Formula 50 supports your body internally to create a strength and radiance that shows through in ageless beauty. Tap into the formula that has been helping women become more beautiful for over 50 years. For long lasting results–Formula 50 is proven effective.

Formula 50 by Naturally Vitamins - Supplement Information

250 soft gels bottle(s)
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