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Natural support for cardiovascular health

An aspirin a day? How about 26 million, and counting? That’s how many Americans take aspirin for heart health. Many who rather not, because of worry about its side effects. They look for natural alternatives…like fi sh oil, CoQ10, and carnitine. The most notable among these natural solutions is natto cheese, from fermented soybeans. A dietary staple in Japan for centuries, natto is reputed for low incidence of heart disease among the Japanese. Research shows that natto’s benefi ts are due of the enzyme, Nattokinase.

Nattokinase is now available in convenient, enterically coated tablets in Rutozym® from Naturally Vitamins™. Naturally Vitamins parlayed its pioneering experience and expertise in systemic enzyme combining nattokinase with plant-derived enzymes for optimal heart health. Rutozym incorporates traditional healing approaches from Asia and Europe in a carefully designed combination of nattokinase, papain and bromelain along with the biofl avonoid complex, rutin. Rutozym compares favorable with aspirin, but without the side effects. It nutritionally maintains blood pressure within healthy limits and strengthens blood vessels. Rutozym is the only nutritive for healthier, cleaner arteries that also promotes robust circulation. No wonder it is the choice of leading healthcare specialists.

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Naturally Vitamins Rutozym - 240 tabs        Quantity

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