Nighty-Nite Bed Bug Eliminator

Bed Bug Eliminator - Nighty-Nite

Nighty-Nite™ is the solution for bed bug elimination. It has proven results with the first application. No need ot evacuate valuable furniture. No need to evacuate your home or premises. No harmful toxins or chemicals. Use often as needed.

  • Nighty-Nite™ has a 96% knockdown rate in the first 60 seconds of application.
  • Nighty-Nite™ is an all natural non-toxic bed bug eliminator.
  • Nighty-Nite™ is safe to be used around children, pets, and the enviroment.
  • Nighty-Nite™ is a natural enzyme that targest the bed bug's exoskeleton. Without this outer shell, hte bed bug cannot survive.
  • Nighty-Nite™ is unique to the Green Marketplace

Fairy LiceMothers Nighty-Nite™ uses naturally occurring minerals and non-toxic elements classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) to control bed bugs and other insects. It is safe for multiple applications and leaves no harmful pesticide residue. Nighty-Nite™ is part of the Go Green community.

97% effective rate with only 1 Spray! Contains no pesticides or chemicals and is safe to use around children and pets. Perfect for your home, college dorm, and camp bunk. Take one along on your vacation. Spray your luggage when you come back from vacation.


Directions: Remove all bedding and wash in hot water. Remove mattresses and box springs and mist top and bottom of each with this product. Adjust spray nozzle for spraying on bed rails, headboards and entire bed frame. Spray in and around floor trims, in corners and carpets. Allow to dry for 30 minutes and then vacuum dead insects from all treated areas. Use this procedure 3 times per week to control any newly hatched eggs.

Additional Directions:

Step 1: Spray Night-Nite™ after dard on and around mattress, box spring, headboard, bed frame, baseboard, and moldings as well as all cracks, crevices and any other areas where bed bugs might hide.

Step 2: Vacuum all areas that were sprayed.

Step 3: Repeat procedure everday after dark for two weeks and then twice a week to control further outbreaks from newly hatched eggs.

Fairy Lice Mothers Nighty-Nite Bed Spray        Quantity $29.99/ea.

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