Cold Sore Rescue

Peaceful Mountain Cold Sore Rescue

Patented topical cream

Cold sores, warts, and herpes outbreaks are caused by viruses beneath the skin. Cold Sore Rescue is a natural soothing cream. Compare the ingredients of Cold Sore Rescue to many common topicals and youíll find that we have taken an innovative approach to this painful and often embarrassing problem. What are cold sores and fever blisters? Cold sores (also known as fever blisters) are a result of certain strains of the herpes virus. Herpes can be contracted from another person who has an active lesion. Shared utensils, razors and towels can all pass along the herpes virus. Once a lesion has occurred, the virus can lie dormant in nerve cells and can emerge again. Itching or a heightened sensitivity is commonly experienced at the site before a lesion erupts. Fever, stress, exposure to the sun and menstruation may trigger a recurrence.

Cold Sore Rescue Ingredients:

poke, chaparral**, St. Johnís wort*, comfrey*, poke root**, arnica, white willow*, yarrow*, lemon balm*, lavender*, aloe, potassium sorbate, originox, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, water, carbomer (less than 1%)

(*certified organic | **certified wild-crafted)

.27 oz. tube
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