Hair Revive 5

RidgeCrest Herbals

Addresses all five common causes of hair loss in women.

Hair Revive 5 contains a unique combination of nutrients and medicinals that work together at the root fo the problem - the follicles. Hair Revive 5 contains five different groups of ingredients, each with a different role to play in developing follicle health.

Stress Nutrition Complex - minimizes the adverse effects of stress by supplying vitamins and minerals that are critical to health under stress. Biotin,folic acid, Vitamin C and B comples vitamins are key to proper hair growth. Most women get only 150-200 mcg of biotin from diet, but hair experts recommend 3000-6000 mcg daily. Hair Revive 5 contains a full 6000 mcg of this critical nutrient.

Hair Growth Complex - N-acetyl-cysteine is the most bioavailable form of cysteine, a key building block for healthy hair. Bioflavinoids help the body absorb nutrients. Horsetail, nettle, and bamboo all contain silica, an important building block for hair.

Hormone Balancing Complex - includes beta sitoserol, which works with B6 to reduce DHT buildup, as well as kelp and L-tyrosine for proper thyroid function.

Chinese Herbal Hair Complex - contains two traditional Chinese herbal formulas for healthy hair, including fo-ti root, which is used in China to grow healthy hair and prevent graying.

Homeopathic Hair Complex - contains six homeopathic preparations for hair health, Homeopathy uses very small doses of natural medicines to elcit the body's own natural healing response. Homeopathy has been used throughout the world for hundreds of years.

By restoring proper nutrition to hair follicles, Hair Revive 5 can help.


RidgeCrest Herbals Hair Revive 5        Quantity $49.99/ea.

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