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What is PAIN MED?

PAIN MEDicineTM (Pain MedTM) is a novel, patent pending, highly effective, homeopathic, over-the-counter (OTC) pain relieving gel that offers temporary relief for minor aches, and pains of joints and muscles associated with minor injuries, bumps, sprains, strains, inflammations, stiff neck, simple backache, arthritis, rheumatism, discomforts, bruises, minor muscle spasms, and sports, exercise, work and play injuries. This is a real pain medicine (NDC 59824-0008-1). All of the active ingredients are botanically derived and are officially listed in the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States).


This clear gel is virtually odor free, and quickly dries in a few minutes while relieving pain. It does not contain strong smelling camphor, menthol, wintergreen, mint, perfumes, etc. which can be socially embarrassing. No one will think you are a walking medicine chest! Furthermore, it does not stain, sting, burn (like capsaicin) , numb, or irritate the skin as some other OTC counterirritant topical analgesic drugs do. In fact, its botanical base
(eg. vegetable glycerin and calendula) leaves the skin smooth and soft. Just a small dab on the fingertip is spread across the skin and allowed to dry. It should not be massaged, nor applied with heat, into the skin because it is not a counterirritant drug and does not depend on causing more irritation (from massage or chemicals or heat) to distract from actual pain. At the start of a painful injury, it can be applied every 15 minutes -and then up to 4 times daily. Pain Med can be used in even the closest social situations such as the theater, on planes, at church, dinner parties, etc. and no one will know you are even using it-even after a fresh application. It goes on "socially invisible" while working its pain relieving effects. Use only as directed on the product label or, as
directed by your physician

Pain Med consists of 9 different homeopathic active ingredients in Ii different potencies. It is supplied in a unique, pleasing, clear gel base that helps it be absorbed better than greasy creams or lotions. There is currently Patent Pending status on this formulation as well as several variations in ingredients and potencies thereof. The active ingredients are all derived from plant materials that have been prepared homeopathically to potentize such botanical starting materials, The actives, and their common names, and parts of plants used as starting materials include: Aconitum Napellus (aconite or monkshood- the whole plant and root at the beginning of flowering); Arnica Montana (leopard's bane or mountain arnica- the entire fresh plant including the root); Bellis Pererinis (daisy or garden daisy-the whole fresh plant); Bryonia Alba(white bryony-the fresh root before flowering); calendula Officinalis (garden marigold or marigold-the fresh flowering tops), Hamamelis Virginiana (witch hazel-the fresh bark including bark of root); Hypericum Perforatum (St. Johns wort, the whole plant); Ledum Palustre (wild rosemary-the fresh herb); Ruta Graveolens (rue or garden rue-the whole fresh plant).

Pain Med is easy to use. To apply, just put a small dab on the fingertip and spread across the skin and allow to dry. It should not be massaged, nor wrapped, nor applied before using a heating pad, however some report, that when applied immediately after a hot tub, Pain Med works especially well. Pain Med is not a counterirritant drug and does not depend on causing more irritation (from massage or chemicals or heat) to distract from actual pain.

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