Secure Denture Adhesive

The healthier denture adhesive

Secure denture bonding cream

New Technology Denture Adhesive

The first and only adhesive worldwide which is not only great for uppers, but also specially designed for lowers. New technology eliminates any slipping and sliding of dentures. Not water soluble, thus not washed out while eating and drinking. Result: You don't swallow any adhesive particles and the adhesive does not leak into your stomach. Another benefit, SECURE does not alter the flavor of your food.

Great for Uppers, Designed for Lowers

The SECURE Denture Adhesive System is the only guaranteed solution for patients with problems - even those with flat/narrow lower jaws.

All conventional fixative work by thickening saliva to improve suction between the denture and gum. The dentures hold only by suction. Being water-soluble, these fixatures dissolve and lose their effectiveness within a short period of time.

The SECURE Denture Adhesive System works in a completely new and different way. SECURE acts as a real adhesive and creates a secure, strong bond between the denture and gum. The water insoluble properties of SECURE are not affected by any liquids or saliva. Only one application is required per day to maintain total retention and ensure complete confidence.

The use of SECURE Denture Adhesive is therapeutically beneficial. (Source: Kelsey C. Lang B, Wang R., "Examining Patients' Responses about the Effectiveness of Five Denture Adhesives Pastes", Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), vol, 128

Ingredient List: Miglyol, (the basis is Glycerin, a naturally based plant product. Polyvinyl Acetate, (non water soluble so it is not absorbed into the body and does not affect taste. It is use in many chewing gums. Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, (a thickner that comes from the bark of trees.

Secure Denture Adhesive        Quantity $18.98/ea.

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