Koromantee - Corkscrew Bitters

Sundial Kormantee

Used traditionally as a herbal bitters, colonic, stomach, and intestinal cleanser.

For People on the run, who Donít need the runs.

Out of the Ancient Koromantee people of Africa comes, via Jamaica, a herbal blend presented as SUNDIAL Koromantee Corkscrew Bitters, Colonic and intestinal Cleanser.

The ingredients in this products is traditionally used by the people of Africa, Caribbean and Latin America to clean out the stomach, intestines and colonic area of waste matter and help relieve constipation.

So if you are feeling bloated, suffering from gas, heartburn, digestive problems and carrying a big load under you belt and nothing seems to help try SUNDIAL Koromantee Bitters, Colonic and Intestinal Cleanser. The wash out for those on the run that donít need the runs.

100% Natural

NOTE: Do not take while pregnant.

32 oz. bottle
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