Original Maroon Recipe Woodroot Tonic

Sundial Wood and Root Tonic

Out of the cultural of the Maroons comes a formula combination that has been passed down from generations and now presented as SUNDIAL original Maroon recipe Wood and Root Tonic, used traditionally in Jamaica as a household remedy and general tonic for the blood, body and nerves.

The ingredients in this product have been used by the Carib Indians to protect them from epidemics and as a general tonic for the reproduc- tive organs of both male and female.

So if you are feeling rundown, tired, lacking energy, vim, vigor and vitality, try SUNDIAL traditional original Maroon recipe Herbal Wood and Root Tonic made the traditional way. Contains no artificial or chemical ingrediants of any kind. 100% Natural.

Remember, don't just ask for Woodroot, ask for SUNDIAL every time. Made with wild organic herbs, roots and barks of the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa, using distilled and purified water. This product is made the traditional way, following the teachings of our elders and ancestors; and the guidance of the Most High.

Main Ingredients:
Purified, filtered & distilled water, Chaney Roots, Goat Corn, Sarsaparilla Root, Black Wis. Milk Wise, Nen Wiss & African Cayenne.

Directions: Take first thing in the morning. Adults 2 oz. Daily. Children 1 oz. daily.

32 oz. bottle
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