Uneet Scentless

Scentless Pheromone Spray

Uneet Scentless Pheromone Spray

A powerfull pheromone spray designed to used with a cologne or aftershave to help men attract women. It offers the convenience of not have to mix pheromone into your cologne. It is also ideal when you cannot mix pheromones into your cologne or aftershave because the bottle has a pressed on cap.

Uneet Scentless

Directions: Mix 1/4 of the bottle with every 2 oz of your favorite fragrance: after shave, cologne, body oil, body lotion, body cream or moisturizer. One 1/8 oz. bottle is enough to mix with 4 to 8 oz of your favorite product.

Note: Simply apply your favorite cologne or aftershave and then pump Uneet Scentless atomizer spray once or twice below your neck. Uneet Scentless Spray may also be used by itself.

Ingredients: Androstenone, Androstenol

Customer Experiences:

Your product has completely changed everything. Wish I had known for these products earlier. Thanks a million once again.

"...The nurses have always been respectful, since I'm one of the doctors, BUT NOW, they flirt outright, even the married ones. Some of the comments they make include, "Where do you go to party, Doctor?", "I'll be your girlfriend if you need one", and my favorite, "I could use a good back rub, my neck is killing me", which is said after walking up to me. "

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Uneet Scentless        Quantity $59.95/ea.

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